Bone Prophet

Bone Prophet hails from Knoxville, TN and was formed by Vocalist/Guitarist- Eddie Moles. Bone Prophet brings to the table an explosive hard-hitting Hard Rock/Metal sound that is comprised of 80's & 90's era infusions mixed into a modern day sound. Bone Prophet delivers the goods while meeting the expectations of the traditional Metal head all the while appealing to the needs of the modern day Rocker. The band isn't new on the Metal scene already having 3 full-length releases to their credit including their 2010 self-titled disc, their followup sophomore 2012 'Unleaded' album, and the band's third 2017 'The Circus' release.

The original lineup for Bone Prophet was comprised of Vocalist/Guitarist-Eddie Moles, Lead Guitarist-Brian Settle, Bassist-Randall Timko, and Drummer-Roy Clemmer. In 2016 there was a few changes to the line up with Bassist-Randall Timko being replaced by Bassist-Kent Kirby, and Guitarist-Jacob Allen(Wisdoms Call) replacing Guitarist-Brian Settle. Brian took a sabbatical from the ministry and Jacob stepped in to fill the position. Brian will be returning to the band to unleash a duo guitar assault with none other than shredder-Jacob Allen.

When asked what is the meaning behind the band's moniker? Eddie Moles responded with the following explanation: Ezekiel 37. The Valley of Dry Bones. To help lift the dead in Christ by speaking/singing life into them and expanding the kingdom of heaven. Ezekiel was known as the "Prophet of the dry bones". I just flipped it around to “Bone Prophet”.

Since the launch of the groupʼs self-titled album, the band has been featured at some of Christian Rockʼs largest festivals and events, including three appearances at the Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, KY and the Cornerstone festival in Bushnell, IL. The group is also enjoying international success with concerts in Canada. The band has had the honor of sharing the stage with well known bands such as, Place Of SkullsThousand Foot Krutch, Disciple, King James, Fireflight, Seventh Day Slumber and Stellar Kart to name a few. Even though the band has seen some success this isn't the reason behind their touring as Moles explains:

“We arenʼt out there just to give a rock concert”,explains Moles, “More importantly than songs, God gives us messages and itʼs our honor to share His message with everyone”.


In 2017 Bone Prophet released their third full-length album titled 'The Circus'.

With this release, the band comes out swinging with a fresh hard hitting full-on assault. One thing that quickly draws attention is the difference in the band's overall sound between their debut self-titled release and their latest. The band's sound was tight on their debut release however, on this third release the sound has been taken to a new level and even sounding like a new band. Yes, the band's sound is bigger, tighter, heavier and well deserving of props for the production. 'The Circus' was recorded at Lakeside Studio Knoxville Tn. and produced by Travis Wyrick. Travis has a long list of accomplishments in Christian Rock and several Dove Awards. He has worked with, produced, and engineered bands like P.O.D, Pillar, Disciple, TFK and more.

The Circus is a solid album from beginning to end however there are some tracks that stand out like "Your The Reason", "The Circus", "Miracle Man", "On Your Mind", "Just Like You", "Come To Me", and "Father".

The lyrics are uplifting and point toward our Lord and Savior as one can see here:

Burn It Down

Its my time- Its your dime- and we don't have forever
So why wait-before its to late- your future is now or never
Just let it go-It seems so slow- torch the things that try to burn you down 
Don't let it in-No not again- So torch the things that try to tear you down

Lets Burn it Down x3

So help me-To help you- I want you to live forever
It may be you- It may be me - cause we donʼt have forever
Its not a game- Of who's to blame- its all the trash that trys to bring you down
Don't let it in- No not again- So torch the things that try to tear you down

Lets Burn it Down x3

So drop the blow-just let it go- donʼt let it tear your mind down
Don't even think-Don't take that drink- I can show you now that theres another way
So drop the smoke- its such a joke- so cut the things that wanna trash your life 
So don't let it in-And maybe then- Kill that sin that tries to take you down

Lets Burn it Down x3

Their latest release delivers a heavy punch and is guaranteed to leave the unsuspecting listener blindsided and possibly comatose. If you are into bands like Creed then it is very likely that you will find the arrangements here to your liking. So if your having a hard time getting enough Hard Rock/Metal into your diet then pick up a slice of Bone Prophets latest release "The Circus" and let the show commence!